Music saves

Until fairly recently, I was rather impartial when it came to music. I mean sure, there were bands and artists that I listened to, but I wasn’t really bothered.

I went to a James Bay concert a few weeks ago with a friend. It was in this little outdoor venue in Manchester, it was packed, and the atmosphere was electric. I remember I’d had a really shitty few weeks, but there was a moment during that concert when I was so purely happy and grateful to be alive. It was incredible.

I guess, more than anything, that concert on that day with that atmosphere, reminded me what it feels like to be young and stupid and free. I felt more alive than I had in months and it gave me such a buzz.

The first supporting act for the concert was a band named Joseph: a group of 3 sisters from Portland, Oregon. I didn’t expect much, but they were amazing. As soon as I was within range of wifi, I’d downloaded their album and had their next record on pre-order. Their sound was calming and pure and simple. It was beautiful.

It was a grounding, pure and unexpected experience that gave my mental recovery a real boost, and gave me a bit of much needed perspective. External circumstances such as anxiety, for example, had almost stopped me from attending such an out-of-my-comfort-zone type of scenario, but my God, am I glad I went.

I guess what I really want to say, is that the artists I saw, or the music I like isn’t really significant at all. But being around likeminded people, surrounded by electricity and positive vibes was all I needed to remind me who I am, or at least who I want to be.

H x


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